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The Best InDesign Tip Ever!

I have a simple but essential tip to give you for working in InDesign.

Learn to love the Control/Command key!

Here’s why: Scale Objects Quickly, Select Objects Below, Create Spread Guides While Zoomed In. Read more to find out exactly how to do these.

Answers to Reader Questions on InDesign

I received an email from a reader recently. For any of you that are also new to InDesign, I thought you might benefit from my response, below, a little more organized than my response to her.

In this post I’ll cover Paste in Place, a little bit about InDesign Layers, a few InDesign shortcuts, adjusting the stacking order of objects, the Step and Repeat function, contextual menus and more beginner articles on Creative Curio.

If you have any questions about InDesign, be sure to check out this article and post a comment!

ACE InDesign and a Few Tips I Picked Up Along the Way

Do you want to be an ACE? I do! And that’s why I’m studying to take the Adobe Certified Expert exam for InDesign.

There is so much to this program that I never knew! I’ve been using it fairly regularly for at least a year and I thought I had a pretty firm grasp of it. There are so many little ways that InDesign can help you out by automating layout elements. Let me share a few I’ve learned this week, specifically setting document defaults for all new documents (and what you can set as a default), working with sections, and autoflow text.

Adobe Illustrator CS4

Today Adobe released a sneak peak on their fourth edition of Creative Suite and since the web is all over the new features of Photoshop, I’m going to take a closer look at the features of Illustrator CS4 (version 14).

Last time Adobe updated their Creative Suite, the features was a bit scares on new and improved tools and features, probably because of the Intel porting for Mac OS X, so this time around should be exciting!

Illustrator Gradients Simplified

Learning Illustrator gradient tools is often one of the big hurdles for Photoshop gurus when they switch, and I feel their pain! Below you will find a complete guide to solving all the frustrations you will ever experience with gradients in Illustrator.
If you double click the small slider squares in the gradient bar, a “color palette” pops up and trying to use that to make your gradients will certainly raise your blood pressure! It’s completely useless to use this palette to find your colours, at least that’s my opinion. Let me show you some better ways.

Markzware’s Q2ID Plugin Review

Back when I wrote the Quark for InDesign Users articles, I was approached by Markzware, a company that makes several Quark and InDesign plugins. I know the folks over at InDesign Secrets love their plugins, but I’ve never used any myself. Markzware kindly agreed to give me a copy of their plugin to try out and I thought I’d share with you some of my thoughts!

From Moveable Type to QuarkXPress

By Stephen Tiano

I logged my first experience setting type during the pre-computer age in a mandatory, ten-week high school shop class forty years ago. We took individual pieces of metal type, lead I believe—lowercase characters from a compartmentalized drawer and uppercase in a drawer above that—and set type one line at a time in a frame. We sometimes needed extra, blank pieces of metal to space out lines. Just as likely, though I do not remember doing this, would be the need to fit type by shaving tiny slices of the soft metal from either side of an individual character.

Despite—or perhaps because of—what I remember of that old class, the first thing I check after setting a page of type is word spacing.

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