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Articles on the Basics of Graphic Design, Including the Elements and Principles of Design

Nature’s Color Palette

Nature provides some of the most striking and beautiful color palettes imaginable! You don’t have to look far to find great inspiration. Flowers especially can give you such a varied and bright color scheme that you will never run out of ideas. I had so many flower pictures I wanted to share with you, but […]

Stand Out from the Crowd

When something is important in a layout, be it for a brochure or a website, you want it to stand out. But how do you do that? Contrast is the Key Contrast can come in many forms. Most people think of contrast in terms of light and dark, white vs. black. But that’s only one […]

Learn Good from Bad on Someone Else’s Dime

They say practice makes perfect, but what if you’re practicing something incorrectly? More accurately they should be saying perfect practice makes perfect. In order to practice perfectly, you must know how. You need to define what you’re aiming for. This is where critiquing comes in handy. Get in the habit of critiquing others’ designs (even […]

This Will Make You a Better Designer

I know something about you. I see you’re skeptical. Well let’s cut to the chase. Do you want to know what I know? You’re not perfect. And in that light, I would like to offer you some advice. No, I’m not perfect either, but it’s something I’ve learned along the way! Working Towards Perfection Asking […]

Why Color is Critical

magine what our world would be like without color.

Grey sky.

Black sea.

White grass.

How dull!

While value is a great way to influence the mood, create interest and add depth to a project, color can be critical to a design’s success or failure. Food would certainly not look as appetizing in black and white, and I’m sure you ladies wouldn’t buy that red dress without knowing whether it’s an orange-red or a blue-red.

Add Value to Your Design

Not consciously taking control of the element of value to your designs is like using a flashlight at noon. Its full potential is utterly wasted!
What is Value?

Value is the relative lightness or darkness of an object. It is the difference between shadow and highlight, and all the midtones in between. Value is not the same as color, though value can be used to “color” an image. Black and white photography is a perfect example. It’s not any less appealing because there is no color!

Why Bother with Texture?

Texture can open up a wide world of sensual experience.

When the audience can relate to your design, which is telling the story of a person, business, product or service, they can have a much deeper connection than with a composition devoid of that experience.

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