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Adobe Illustrator CS4

Today Adobe released a sneak peak on their fourth edition of Creative Suite and since the web is all over the new features of Photoshop, I’m going to take a closer look at the features of Illustrator CS4 (version 14).

Last time Adobe updated their Creative Suite, the features was a bit scares on new and improved tools and features, probably because of the Intel porting for Mac OS X, so this time around should be exciting!

Letterpress Printing Resources

Many of you know that I took a letterpress course back in August and then proceeded to clean up a letterpress of my own. The Vandercook SP15 is now fully restored and I was able to print my first project on it last weekend!

Unfortunately this post doesn’t focus on it because we actually taped it and I still need to cut together a video for you, but I do share some awesome letterpress resources with you. This post contains links for letterpress websites, letterpress blogs, letterpress stories, several knowledge base sites and letterpress inspiration!

Review of Wacom Intuos and Graphire Pen Tablets

First things first: it’s pronounce Whack-um, not Way-com. Weird, I know.

I began using a Graphire3 4×5 (I think that’s the equivalent of the A6 in Europe) tablet a few years ago when I was learning Photoshop. It was recommended to me by my professor and at $99, I thought I’d try it.

I really loved the feel of working with a pen instead of a mouse and it made controlling art tools in Photoshop so much easier! In this article, I present you with my personal review of this must-have peripheral.

Thanksgiving Link Love

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d show some appreciation for some of my favorite posts over the past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy these as well! Creative Curio will be back to the regular posting schedule (M, W, F) next week.

Vector Magic

Have you seen Vector Magic yet? There has been a bit of buzz around this new online program that takes a raster (pixel-based) image and converts it to vector shapes. I thought I’d test it out to see how it held up. Results on Photography I took the following flower image and tested it at […]

Using the Grid

The more I learn about how designers use the grid system and the different ways they construct their grids, the more free I feel to take my creativity to new heights! But how can using a complex, confusing, restrictive set of lines help me be free?

Glad you asked.

Never Deal With Pixilated Images Again!

What do you do when you have to work on billboard-sized images, but your little computer can’t handle them? Work at smaller dimensions and then upsample at the end! But images can get too blurry when you increase the resolution, so what should you do?

Genuine Fractals to the rescue!

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