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What I Learned at the Social Media World Forum

I went to the Social Media World Forum in Santa Clara last week. I was the grateful recipient of the free blog pass that David gave away last month. Big thank you, David and six degrees!!

Without giving away all the valuable content of the conference for free, I wanted to share some amazing insights and a bit of an overview of the conference with you.

4 Tips for Creating an Effective Poster Design

You’re ready to make a poster. The creative juices are flowing and you have a deadline to meet, but wait! Don’t start without reviewing these 4 important poster design tips.

New Designy Stuff Around the Interwebs

There have been some new (and some new-to-me) things popping up since I last wrote. Here’s a little taste of things that I’ve found: For Print Only, new from Under Consideration. Grain Edit. Good Designers Ask “Why?”. For Graphic Designers Only.

Using Environmental Graphics as Marketing Collateral

In this article, we’re going to cover when and why you would use environmental graphics, we’ll dig into the design process and then talk about managing your relationship with your print service bureau to make sure you get the product you want!
When and Why Use Environmental Graphics?

The best times to use Environmental Graphics (EGs) is when you know your target audience will be in a certain environment! When does this occur? Corporate events/parties, trade shows, transit stations (ex: subways), and other concentrations of your audience provide the ideal times to reach your target when they are receptive to your communication.

Interview with an Art Director

I hope you all have enjoyed the final two installments in the Principles of Design series on Creative Curio. I thought it might be nice to turn your attention to another equally important aspect of design, the business side! Scary. Is there anything to do beyond being a graphic designer? What upward mobility do we have? For answers, I talked with Ms. Purple Lemon herself, Kelly Rinehart! Kelly is an art director for Hancock Fabrics.

Applying Special Effects to Your Print Work

I mentioned a few weeks ago on Twitter,

wow, learned so much in just 5 minutes talking w/ my printer about what works and what doesn’t w/ varnishes, uv, aqueous coating, etc. Cool!
4:55 PM Dec 5th

You always hear designers saying, “Talk to your printer!” How many actually do though? Aren’t we afraid of sounding silly or ignorant?

The truth is, your printer sees hundreds more jobs than you do. So how can that help you?

New Blog Friends!

Since joining Twitter a few weeks ago, I’ve been introduced to many new design blogs! It seems there are little circles that design bloggers tend to hang out in—not in a clique sort of way, but it seems when we start our blogs around the same time, we tend to hang out with other people who did the same.

I wanted to share with you some new design blogs I’ve discovered and really enjoyed lately. This isn’t supposed to be an all-inclusive list (go here if you want that) or a list of the new guys, “up and coming,” or anything like that, but rather a sampling of new material.

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