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Using Color: Real World Examples

Color holds the most critical appeal to emotions out of all the elements of design. It is important to choose your colors wisely! Aesthetic Apparatus’ Doombuddy (Codename Mr. Tibbets) Red, blue and yellow are the primary color triad and often associated with children. Tints (adding white), shades (adding black) and tones (adding grey) are often […]

Using Value: Real World Examples

Value is not color. Value is also not contrast, which is a separate principle of design. Contrast can be found in any element—texture, shape, size/scale, space, color, line or value—which is why it is a principle, not an element. Value is the tone of a color; it has more to do with dark and light […]

Using Texture: Real World Examples

Texture can be the element that really takes your designs to the next level. Textures create visual interest and add those touches of detail that were previously missing. Think about what kinds of textures are inviting (silky, soft, fluffy) and which you’d rather keep away from (rough, hard, thorny). Texture can be used to Define […]

Using Scale: Real World Examples

Size is often used synonymously with scale, but there is a distinct difference between the two. Size is the physical dimensions of an element in the layout (a 6 inch by 6 inch image). Scale is the size of the element as it relates to its usual physical size (it is impossible to get a […]

Using Space: Real World Examples

If you’re a new visitor or subscriber to Creative Curio, you’ve come in towards the beginning of a series on the elements of design. This is the third post on the series real world examples of the elements (the first two being Using Lines and Using Shape, but if you’d like to read up on […]

Using Shape: Real World Examples

Using the element of shape shapes in graphic design can seem very basic, but there are underlying meanings and complex ways of using shape that are important to remember. Shapes don’t have to be just squares, circles and triangles. Quick points to remember about the element of shape: Three classes of shape Geometric: mechanical, pure […]

Using Lines: Real World Examples

The very first posts here at Creative Curio were on the elements of design: line, shape, space, size, texture, value and color. I thought it was time to revisit the elements, look more closely at them and study how good design uses them, in order to improve our own uses of the elements. Sometimes it’s […]

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