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Investigating Good Design: Del Taco Campaign

If you’ve spent any time around passionate designers, you’ve probably heard them say they never turn off their designer’s eye. Everywhere we look we’re evaluating design, layout, colors and more. But what are we actually thinking about and is it beneficial? Sure it is! We’re critiquing, which helps us improve our own designs.

Want to know what kinds of things go through my head, even when I’m not at “work”?

The Del Taco “Go Bold or Go Home” Campaign.

Investigating Good Design: Wrigley’s Tea Escapes

Design is a delicate balance between theory and aesthetic sensibilities. The more you practice the theory—the elements and principles of design—the more it will become second nature and your ability to intuitively know how to create, fix or critique a design will improve.

It is helpful to go over each element and principle individually, but it is equally as helpful to see how each element and principle of design works in the context of a single design. Below we will analyze the design theory behind this Wrigley’s Tea Escapes packaging from Hornall Anderson.

More Color Inspiration and a Birthday!

Color inspiration is something we’ve done infrequently on Creative Curio. Come take a look at color palettes from packaging, a yoga studio, and several branding images. These include a wide range of colors as well as color theories from monochromatic to a palette of six distinct colors.

Breaking Down a Child-like Style into the Elements of Design

Design theory is nice, but studying practical application is much more useful! Styles and moods are created using the elements of design, but sometimes it can be difficult to zero in on exactly what you need.

What specifically dictates the look of a style? Knowing or being able to figure out why a design radiates a particular mood will help you either guide a design towards that look or steer it away. I’ve had many times when I’ve done a logo that just looks too childish and at first I can’t pinpoint exactly why. There have been other times when I want a distinctly Renaissance look, but my art elements just don’t quite make it. Let’s take a look at what elements these designs have in common that gives them their juvenile appeal.

How to Create a Fresh Mood with the Elements of Design

Some people find it mysterious that designers and artists can create a specific look and feel for a piece. They are baffled by how much the design emanates a particular mood. I think sometimes even other designers and artists wonder how the piece so captures a particular emotion!

If you can put aside the belief that it is magic, and take a close look, you’ll find it’s not so mysterious after all. Study how a layout uses the elements of design, pick apart the use of line and value, notice the color palette.

Let’s take a “fresh” look as an example and break it down.

The Elements of Graphic Design Review

Over the past few weeks we’ve been taking an intensive look at the elements of design—the basic building blocks of graphic design and composition—through real world examples. It’s great to know the theory, but applying it is where all the knowledge comes together to form a successful design. I presented them in the order I […]

The Color Wheel and Color Theory

Color is such a vast and variable element that it can be difficult to cover it fully in any one post. It can also be a little overwhelming when trying to implement it into your designs. Below are some sample color palettes, taken from classic color theory based combinations.

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