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Inspirations for your next design project!

Letterpress Inspiration and Ideas

So now that the press is up and working, I need some project ideas! I spent snippets of this week mulling over ideas and creating little thumbnails.

The hard part about not knowing all the supplies (fonts, ink, paper) at the shop is that I can’t plan things out too specifically. I don’t want to take this design into the digital world and get totally attached to a font or an image and then not have it when I get up there.

Come see some inspiration I found from Etsy along with my own thumbnail sketch ideas. If you have a great idea and I can use it, I’ll send you 10 free cards from that run!

Printmaking and the Festival of Arts

I went to the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, CA on Friday. It is so inspiring to walk around all the art galleries and showcases.

In the main Festival of Arts area there was a printmaking demonstration going on when I was there. A young artist, Lindsay Buchman, was demonstrating her craft. She set up an inexpensive way for the ticket-holders to try out printmaking for themselves with a thin little Styrofoam square and some pencils. We “etched” our designs in the Styrofoam and then Lindsay inked the squares and placed them on one of her small presses for us to print.

In this article, you’ll also see some of the impressive works that were on display at the Festival.

Retro Colors for Design Inspiration

There is so much color inspiration out there, but sometimes it’s hard to focus. This post features some color inspiration featuring retro-style designs that I found on Flickr.

Great Inspiration On and Offline

I’ve been doing quite a bit of original creative recently and it’s been helpful to have tons of design resources. Thanks mostly to blogs like Inspiration Bit, David Airey (and Logo Design Love), iLT, Just Creative Design and Smashing Magazine, I’ve found some great inspiration for my work. I thought maybe you all could benefit from a fairly comprehensive list of creative inspiration, too!

Inspiration from the Past and Present

I’ve got a wide range of inspiration from Flickr selected for you today. From the 1940s to current trends in graphic design, you’re sure to find some new visual stimulation you’ve never seen before!

The past is a great source of inspiration. As you look through the following collections, think about what elements are making a comeback. What elements should be making a comeback? Challenge yourself: try using something new from the past in your next design.

Great Art You Just Don’t Want to Miss!

sure hope you didn’t think Flickr was the only place for awesome collections of digital art! deviantArt has some pretty incredible artists and designers and even more people that like to make collections of the best stuff from the site. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some deviations.

If you’ve never visited deviantArt before, make sure to click on the Next Page links at the bottom of the collections to see more. All of them have more than one page, so don’t miss out!

Not to be Missed Design Inspirations from Flickr

From generic to specific, Flickr groups and individual member sets abound in this social media center for images. Flickr isn’t just for your vacation pictures or your latest lolcat photos anymore. Flickr is a great place for loads of inspiration from letterpress to graffiti, typography to doodles. As a graphic designer, I’m always in search of new sources of inspiration for a wide variety of projects. Flickr is the answer!

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