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I Need Your Help!

How would you design an eye-catching and creative invitation?

I thought it would be cool to present you with a real-world project I’m dealing with right now. I need you help! Let’s have a creative session in the comments.

I need ideas for a creative invitation for an upscale meeting/conference in Palm Beach, Florida. The ideas I need have more to do with presentation than actual artistic style, so I don’t need ideas like ‘do a watercolor painting’ or ‘have palm trees on the front.’ What I do need are interesting components.

Exercises to Cultivate Your Creativity

Creativity is not just about how good of a designer you are, it’s about how well you can solve problems and find connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

In this post, I’ll go over some sites that have many exercises for you to improve your creativity, including Edward de Bono’s How to Have Creative Ideas, Von Glitschka’s squiggle line exercises, doodlage, silhouette reinvention and image streaming. You’re sure to feel creative after this post!

Initial Creative Concepts For Annual Convention

I (Jerrol) just finished two initial theme variations for my company’s annual convention/trade show and thought I would share them with Creative Curio readers as well as discuss my thought process for how I approached each design. I’ll be presenting my concepts to the decision makers later this week and when one is chosen I’ll be using that look for a whole slew of materials for convention.

If you’ve never designed for a convention, it’s a real blast (and also a TON of work). The best part about designing for a convention is walking through the convention center and seeing artwork you designed everywhere, especially the large format pieces like giant posters, displays, booths and banners.

The Creative Process: A Return to the Redesign

Sometimes you just get stuck on a project and you have to let it sit for a bit; just completely walk away and not think about it. I had to do that with the redesign because what started out as fun project turned into a chore and my ideas waned. March was also a hectic […]

The Creative Process: Doodles are the Key to Success

I had a lot of fun this week coming up with a combination of “curio” and interesting brush work. I looked to the more mystic side of the traveling circuses for my inspiration and I really like the direction this design is headed. Last week I thought I was taking on a look that was […]

The Creative Process: Researching Alternatives

If you’re new to Creative Curio, you’ve come to the most popular series of articles! But you’re in luck! Only two weeks have gone by since I started documenting my creative process as I redesign my blog. The first week, I wrote about steps one and two in the design process, research and thumbnails, in […]

The Creative Process: Wire Frames and Experiments

I was so elated by all of your comments on my last blog design post! It gave me a lot of energy for the project. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and links. I hope you will contribute to the process again this week, too! And a huge thanks to John for stumbling […]

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