Welcome to Creative Curio. Curio is defined as “something unusual — perhaps worthy of collecting” by Princeton University. Curio is also a shorten form of curiosity. I am intensely curious, and I want to learn! Won’t you join me on this journey through graphic design?

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About Creative Curio

Creative Curio is about exploring and discovering (or rediscovering!) the world of graphic design and how exciting it can be to create! It will be like my yoga class; there are beginners and there are the more advance students, and the instructor always shows variations on poses for each level. Every visitor should find something useful here. I will cultivate a community of learners by sharing my knowledge, skills and understanding and having you share your own, too. You can learn so much from other people’s experiences!

About the Author

My name is Lauren (you will see me around the blogosphere and the Galactic Network Interweb as LaurenMarie), and I have always been fascinated by art. I was always told that you could never make a reliable living from being an artist. Then I discovered graphic design. I like the way Jef I. Richards puts it, “Creativity without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creativity with strategy is called ‘advertising.’” Replace “advertising” with “graphic design,” though, because graphic design involves far more than just advertising!

In May 2007 I found my way into the blogosphere. I don’t remember exactly how that happened, but I do remember some of my first experiences were with Tara at Graphic Design Blog and Vivien at Inspiration Bit and we talked about inspiration. They were incredibly encouraging and soon I was falling in love with this little blog community (see the blog roll for more excellent reads). I love learning and, call me selfish, but I hope that I will learn more from you than you do from me on this blog :)

“It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.”
– Einstein


What? You want to know more about me?? Ok, well…

Personality profiles:

  • I’m mostly a Type A personality
  • I’m a Type 1, The Reformer, says the Enneagram test (Spock is one of these, too, so I’m in good company!)
  • The MMPI considers me more on the masculine side of things than the feminine (if you read about this test it might sound like I’ve been admitted to an asylum before, that is not the case! Just a good ol’ personality assessment)
  • According to the Myers-Briggs personality profile, I’m an ISTJ
  • I have the strengths/talents/themes of Ideation, Input, Learner, Restorative and Responsibility. Discover your strengths
  • WTMI?

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Still not enough for ya, eh? Well, how’s 103 Things About Me? That should exhaust your need to know more about me!

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