New Designy Stuff Around the Interwebs

By LaurenMarie

There have been some new (and some new-to-me) things popping up since I last wrote. Here’s a little taste of things that I’ve found.

For Print Only Logo

For Print Only is a new blog from Under Consideration, and it showcases beautiful print work (and not all of it is expensive). There are sooo many cool things on here that it’s hard to pick just a few to show you!

John Vanderslice Poster

John Vanderslice Poster is so cool! He used cheap little paper doilies to create a custom plate for the poster! How creative is that?!

Ohne Invitation

I simply love the complex simplicity of these Ohne Titel Spring 2009 Invitations. Simple because they aren’t cluttered at all, but complex because of all the layers. And the price tag isn’t too bad either; about $2 per piece.

Frank Chimero

New from Wink

I recently discovered Grain Edit via my friend and awesome designer Alex, from retinart (follow him on Twitter!). Grain Edit profiles some really inspirational retro designs. The first one above is by Frank Chimero and the Rebel Green is from Wink.

Good Designers Ask "Why?"

Speaking of retinart, about a month ago, Alex published a great article called Good Designers Ask “Why?” Go check it out if you haven’t read it yet! If you put this into practice, it will make a huge difference in dealing with frustrating client requests—and better yet, it will benefit your clients.

For Graphic Designers Only

I can’t say enough good things about For Graphic Designers Only or the author, Michael Huggins. His information about business and marketing specifically for graphic designers is so helpful! And being a former creative director himself, he knows what we go through. He also has some podcasts and offers personal business coaching. I highly recommend you sign up for the newsletter. The last newsletter that was sent out was all about using Twitter to find work, and it was truly insightful and contained practical, easy to implement tips. You should follow Michael on Twitter, too!

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