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Interview with an Art Director

I hope you all have enjoyed the final two installments in the Principles of Design series on Creative Curio. I thought it might be nice to turn your attention to another equally important aspect of design, the business side! Scary. Is there anything to do beyond being a graphic designer? What upward mobility do we have? For answers, I talked with Ms. Purple Lemon herself, Kelly Rinehart! Kelly is an art director for Hancock Fabrics.

Enhance Your Designs with the Principle of Unity

This seems like the perfect opportunity for a good quote.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

That Lincoln was a smart, well versed man. Unity binds together elements and strengthens what it supports. It is so in any aspect of life, even design!

Unity in graphic design is what ties everything together. It is the sense that the design is consistent, it agrees with itself in each element, there is nothing sticking out that says, “I don’t belong!” Sometimes people refer to the principle of unity as harmony.

Enhance Your Designs with the Principle of Rhythm

Just as in music, a good rhythmic design is very appealing! You feel almost like you can dance to a catalog that has images and key text in predictable places as you flip from page to page and section to section. The design has a visual beat you can follow!
What is Rhythm?

Rhythm is repetition. Rhythm is consistency. Rhythm is an established placement of elements and it brings immense unity to a layout.

Applying Special Effects to Your Print Work

I mentioned a few weeks ago on Twitter,

wow, learned so much in just 5 minutes talking w/ my printer about what works and what doesn’t w/ varnishes, uv, aqueous coating, etc. Cool!
4:55 PM Dec 5th

You always hear designers saying, “Talk to your printer!” How many actually do though? Aren’t we afraid of sounding silly or ignorant?

The truth is, your printer sees hundreds more jobs than you do. So how can that help you?

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