Monthly Archives: December 2008

New Blog Friends!

Since joining Twitter a few weeks ago, I’ve been introduced to many new design blogs! It seems there are little circles that design bloggers tend to hang out in—not in a clique sort of way, but it seems when we start our blogs around the same time, we tend to hang out with other people who did the same.

I wanted to share with you some new design blogs I’ve discovered and really enjoyed lately. This isn’t supposed to be an all-inclusive list (go here if you want that) or a list of the new guys, “up and coming,” or anything like that, but rather a sampling of new material.

Preparing for Print: Tips, Techniques and Best Practices

Going to print for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. It doesn’t have to be! We’ve all learned some valuable tips on what to make sure to do and what to avoid at all costs. Let’s share some of those with each other and the new print designers out there.

I’ll get us started with some basics. Why don’t you add your best printing tips here, too!

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