Selections from Communication Arts Design Annual 49

By LaurenMarie

Are you subscribed to Communication Arts? Well why not??

I love this design publication and if you’ve been around here any length of time you’ve probably heard me say that it is like getting a design book in the mail 8 times a year. It’s only $53 per year for U.S. residents (sorry overseas friends, it’s $110 USD for you! Canada friends, you’ll be paying $70 USD). Even the international price is a steal, considering that just a single Annual can cost $16-24 (you’ll get FIVE annuals with your subscription–Illustration, Photography, Design, Advertising and Interactive). Oh, and students! Check out the Comm Arts website for special student pricing ($39/yr).

So enough about my Comm Arts plug. Time for pictures! The following are some of my favorite winners from the Design Annual 49 (November 2008). I did a showcase from the Illustration Annual earlier this year, too.


Even if you’re not religious, you have to appreciate the design of these Bibles. I love the typography! These were designed by Unreal Ltd for Hodder & Stoughton.

Endue Ltd Packaging

From the packaging section, Interbrand New Zealand designed this packaging system for Endue Ltd. for their Snowberry line. From the description, “The unique artwork that makes up its visual signature is multilayered and tells stories within stories that reflect the Snowberry philosophy. Different parts of the same illustration have been used on products to ease product differentiation and to provide a fluid, unexpected nature to the packaging.”

Geek Squad

I want to be a member of Geek Squad just to get this book! For those of you who may not know, Geek Squad is a computer support/repair company run by Best Buy, a leading electronics dealer in the U.S. Designed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky (while I was writing this I couldn’t actually access their site).

Door Hangers

I want some of these, too. Fun! Designed by Knock Knock.

Herb Packaging

Yet another product I would buy purely for its design aesthetic. It’s a good thing they don’t carry these products at my grocery store. Lewis Moberly for Waitrose Ltd.

Luxor System

You’ve probably seen those awesome Luxor ads, but have you seen the identity system? Sorry the image is a little blurry, but you get the idea; the important information like addresses, invoice totals and signatures are highlighted! Leo Burnett India for Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt Ltd.

One Degree

Remember the logo that won the first annual Wolda competition? At first many were a little puzzled why the One Degree logo won, but after seeing it in action, I think Jason Little and his design team from Landor did a pretty good job! It’s quite a versitile mark, don’t you think?

Stanford Lively Arts

Awesome season campaign from Chen Design Associates for Stanford Lively Arts program. Below is my favorite of this group.

Stanford Lively Arts

Hmm, can you guess why?

And guess what! Our very own iLT was featured in the Typography column this issue! Congrats, John! I wish I could type up the whole article for you guys to read, the author says some really nice things about iLT (all of which we already know–how wonderful iLT is!), but I thought what John said was particularly sweet:

Reading the comments is undoubtedly one of the best parts of iLT. And it’s in the comments that I see the really collaborative nature of the site … It’s also a wonderful way for me to get to know others who have an interest in type and typography. Without exception, I visit the site of every commentator (who leaves a URL), and in doing so I’ve discovered hundreds of additional resources and made numerous friends along the way.


By the way Alec, your Small Caps article was mentioned by the columnist in particular, as was the Arabic Calligraphy.


That was just a very small taste of the goodness in the Design Annual 49. Remember to grab a subscription to Communication Arts today! Also visit their website to enter your work in the Annual competitions. You can keep up with Creative Curio via a free RSS subscription, too!

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