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Combating Designer’s Block

All of us have suffered from it. Designer’s block is miserable, uninspiring and downright discouraging. There are tons of “inspiration” posts that Smash you with information, but does that really help?

This is going to get a little personal, but bear with me. Have you ever considered that your designer’s block is actually a psychological defense? It’s probably stemming from fear about something (yes, I was a Psychology major before discovering graphic design).

I just discovered this awesome process that I think might help combat the block. It’s called The Work by Byron Katie.

Selections from Communication Arts Design Annual 49

Are you subscribed to Communication Arts? Well why not??

I love this design publication and if you’ve been around here any length of time you’ve probably heard me say that it is like getting a design book in the mail 8 times a year…

But enough on my Comm Arts plug. Time for pictures! The following are some of my favorite winners from the Design Annual 49 (November 2008). I did a showcase from the Illustration Annual earlier this year, too.

@CreativeCurio (aka, I’m on Twitter)

Ok, I did it. I gave in. I finally have a Twitter account! Add CreativeCurio to your Twitter friends! It would be so fun to meet some of you readers who don’t comment but have a Twitter account. I’ll get a badge or something in the sidebar or footer soon, too. Meanwhile, let me know […]

Mail Merge is Dead! Long Live InDesign Data Merge!

Have you ever had to set up a catalog, a set of coupons or ads that are basically repetitive and have data stored in a database or spreadsheet?

If you’re currently working on this type of project, you are so in luck because InDesign will automate the creation of these sections of data! All you need to do is set up the source properly and create a template for the data in InDesign. Keep reading to find out just how easy this is and why you’ll never go back to Mail Merge in Word again!

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