I Need Your Help!

By LaurenMarie

How would you design an eye-catching and creative invitation?

I thought it would be cool to present you with a real-world project I’m dealing with right now. I need you help! Let’s have a creative session in the comments.

Here’s the Situation

I need ideas for a creative invitation for an upscale meeting/conference in Palm Beach, Florida. The ideas I need have more to do with presentation than actual artistic style, so I don’t need ideas like ‘do a watercolor painting’ or ‘have palm trees on the front.’ What I do need are interesting components.

A Few Ideas We Have

Wrap the invitation in a luxury beach towel with our company colors and logo on it. They can use the towel at the event and have something to remember it by.

Create a vintage travel poster with the event information that invitees can hang in their office.

A set of postcards that have humorous “Out of Office” images and the reverse is a fictitious note to coworkers about the event, but it gives the event info. “Dear Coworkers, I’ll be out of the office enjoying The Event in Palm Beach, FL from June 5-9, 2009. I’ll be attending all these fun things, while you sit here and work. See you when I get back!”

Something with oranges (you know, Florida oranges and all).

Florida is “The Sunshine State.” What can we do with that?

Some Requirements

Remember, I don’t need art ideas, just concepts.

These are going to both male and female invitees, so nothing gender-specific (like rhinestone flip-flops with the company logo on the bottom so that when they walk on the beach, the company logo is printed in the sand–yes, that was one of my failed ideas). And no “cutesy” items either.

Most likely invitees are 50+ years old.

This will be an extremely small run, only 100 or so invites, so no fancy printing like complicated diecuts, folds, varnishes or foils. These will most likely be run on a digital press.

If possible, we’d like to stay away from palm trees and alligators. Can you think of anything else that says “Florida”?


So let’s have a brainstorm session in the comments! Throw out your ideas and let’s bat them around a bit and see if we can come up with something really awesome! Don’t be afraid to say the first thing that comes to your mind. Even if it’s a little silly, it might spark an idea in someone else’s mind. This is totally my favorite part about design, and I thought, ‘Why not get the Creative Curio crowd involved?’ Perfect!

There are over 1,900 subscribers, so I’m expecting at least half that many comments! Come on guys!