Photoshop Action Freebie: Light Writing Effect

By LaurenMarie

Light writing styles are becoming quite popular in graphic design right now. There have been several tutorials from PSDtuts on the subject and one in particular that used letters and layers. It was a looong process to go through and change each letter on 20 different layers!

Well guess what! I have a Photoshop action for you (developed by my husband, Jerrol) that will do almost the same exact thing in a matter of seconds! The only difference is that it will not change the font for you. I think it looks just as good with all the same font (sometimes even better, depending on the effect you want), but you can always go in and change it after the action creates all the layers for you.

Light Writing Example: Freebie

Follow these simple instructions to get your light writing type in just a few minutes:

  • Download the Light Writing Action
  • Install the action by double clicking it (this will also launch Photoshop).
  • In a new Photoshop document, create a 300 pt letter on its own type layer (individual letter layers work best, even if you’re creating an entire word).
  • Select the letter layer and run the Create Light Writing action from your Actions Palette
  • In order to get the best results, create a nifty background, preferably dark with a wide range of tonality and color (just like in the PSDtuts tutorial)

This action was created in Photoshop CS3, but it should work in any version that supports actions. Be sure that you are working in RGB.

A couple more examples:

Light Writing Example: Cool

Light Writing Example: Light

Other News

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You are most welcome to join in on the writing project even if your blog started before July 2007. Nominate your favorite emerging blogs with a post listing them and link back to Janet so she knows to come look.