Inspiration from the Past and Present

By LaurenMarie

I’ve got a wide range of inspiration from Flickr selected for you today. From the 1940s to current trends in graphic design, you’re sure to find some new visual stimulation you’ve never seen before!

Vintage Collections

The past is a great source of inspiration. As you look through the following collections, think about what elements are making a comeback. What elements should be making a comeback? Challenge yourself: try using something new from the past in your next design.

Vintage Magazines on Flickr

Vintage Magazines includes magazine covers and ads.

Vintage Book Covers on Flickr

Vintage Book Covers reminds me of the 700 Penguins book I received as a prize from iLT a while back. There is just something so personal about these books that have been used and loved for generations.

Propaganda on Flickr

Propaganda Posters provide some laughter, but remember these were really used to persuade people to follow causes and support leaders! What was so compelling about them? Can you incorporate that aspect in your next design?

Forties in Print on Flickr

Wedge Heels & Wartime – Forties in Print is a really cool collection to flip through. There are postcards, ads (I love how the look of Spam has hardly changed!), magazine covers, books covers, movie posters, photos, comics and even ration stamps!

Vintage Postcards on Flickr

Vintage Postcards are a great source for old photos and illustration styles.

Graphic Design Blog Pools

Here’s where your trendy showcases come in. Unfortunately many users submit their artwork to all of these blog pools listed below, but still, there is unique content in each of them, too.

PSDtuts Pool on Flickr

PSDTuts readers regularly contribute to the official Flickr group.

BittBox Pool on Flickr

The BittBox pool is also frequently updated with

GoMedia Pool on Flickr

GoMedia set up their pool to showcase the use of their ever popular Design Arsenal products.

What is Graphic Design? Posters on Flickr

Veerle’s What is Graphic Design? poster competition isn’t updated a whole lot now that the contest has been over for some months, but it’s still great to see the level of talent out there!