Not to be Missed Design Inspirations from Flickr

By LaurenMarie

From generic to specific, Flickr groups and individual member sets abound in this social media center for images. Flickr isn’t just for your vacation pictures or your latest lolcat photos anymore. Flickr is a great place for loads of inspiration from letterpress to graffiti, typography to doodles. As a graphic designer, I’m always in search of new sources of inspiration for a wide variety of projects. Flickr is the answer!

Bottle Cap Collection on Flickr

Bottle caps are simple, sure, but it’s difficult to design for such a small surface area. They can be very inspiring with their use of logos, tiny illustrations and typography.

Business Card Collection on Flickr

Business Cards present a similar challenge to the bottle caps–limited space. Both bottle caps and business cards promote the principle of economy; the designer attempts to maximize the effective use of all the elements of design within a small canvas.

Collage Crazy on Flickr

Collage Crazy is just one of many collage groups and collections on Flickr. These can provide you with awesome inspiration for your grunge, vintage and hand-made style designs.

Doodles on Flickr

Doodle Art is also great for figuring out the details of the hand-drawn style. Doodles are also a great example of the various uses of the element of line.

Typography of the World on Flickr

Typography of the World is your one stop shop for just what it says–typography from around the world. Notice the forms typography in different languages can take. Is there anything you can assimilate into your own typography?

Experimental Typography on Flickr

If world typography isn’t quite what you’re looking for, what about experimental typography? There are some pretty cool uses of typography to be found in this collection!

Letterpress Art on Flickr

Letterpress is a beautiful art, and you won’t be disappointed with the examples presented in this Flickr collection.

Israeli Street Art on Flickr

Want some highly specific inspiration? How about Israeli Street Art? It’s so colorful!

What other cool Flickr groups or sets do you return to for inspiration?