Communication Arts Illustration Annual 49

By LaurenMarie

I just got my Communication Arts Illustration Annual 49 yesterday! There is some great stuff in this year’s annual (isn’t there always?) and I thought you all might like a little peek. If you’re not subscribed to Communication Arts, get on over to Amazon and get it! Sorry to inconvenience you and ask that you use the CA link in the I Recommended section to the right. For some reason Amazon Affiliate text links make my posts disappear!

There are five annuals every year (Design, Interactive, Illustration, Photography and Advertising, not in that order) and those alone are worth the cost of a subscription. $53 is extremely reasonable for this awesome design publication; the cost of one annual alone is $26 if you buy it off the stand.

Anyway, on to the illustrations!

Jason Edmiston

I don’t pay much attention to celeb gossip, but this illustration had me cracking up! I’m sure you all remember her single day in jail and then her poor little rash that got her house arrest for the rest of her sentence. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an online portfolio for the illustrator, Jason Edmiston.

Mignon Khargie

A cute series of animals by artist Mignon Khargie.

Nicoletta Ceccoli

I really liked the look of the illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli.

John Mattos

Is this not the best Golden Gate Bridge illustration ever? By John Mattos.

Sam Weber

This illustration touched me. I’m not sure why. It just seemed really beautiful in a sorrowful way. By Sam Weber.

Thomas Broome

This one is for John. Be sure to check out Thomas Broome‘s other work, too. He has quite a few more of these typographic illustrations in black and white (ModernMantra) and new portraits in color (Its only words [sec]). Notice all the great details like the art book in the lower left corner (those little words along the edge that you can’t read say “page”).

Remember, if you want more of this goodness, subscribe to Note: Post contains affiliate links. Please consider using them in an effort to support Creative Curio! Thanks! via Amazon!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Please use them in an effort to Support Creative Curio. Thanks!