WordPress Database has Come Back!

By LaurenMarie

Firstly, I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU!!! to all of my wonderful readers and those of you who commented on my last post, WordPress Database Error MySQL Server has Gone Away. I really appreciate your support.

I did so much research on the error I found repeated in my error logs called “WordPress Database Error MySQL Server has Gone Away.” I came across a few solutions, but they only broke my blog even more! I tried setting up a testing server, but the database wouldn’t play nice with it, so all the changes I was making to my blog were live (very scary!).

I suppose you all are wondering how I fixed that MySQL has gone away error. Well, it’s still a bit of a mystery to me, but here’s what I think was going on:

Long story short, I believe the problem was twofold. The first was switching hosts in the middle of April. I read that the “gone away” error can happen when you switch. I don’t know why, I just read it can happen. Rob’s Notebook to the rescue! This solution didn’t fix the problem all the way (and why isn’t this brilliant bit of coding a standard for a WP installation??!), though, and I left a comment for Rob asking for more info on inserting the time_out portion of his solution. He was kind enough to email me back personally, and help me with inserting that piece of code (thank you again, Rob!).

The second piece of the problem was some scripting modifications I made in an attempt to Fight Spam without a Captcha. I didn’t even consider this could be an issue; if I were to have problems with this script modification, I would think they would happen right away. I don’t in any way think it was faulty code from Vivien; I think it was me being lazy when I upgraded to 2.5 soon after its release (the wp-comments-post.php I modified was replaced with the new 2.5 file). I just copied the code in the wp-comments-post.php I had modified, trying to make a quick job of updating it instead of making sure I did it all correctly. Andrew, from Fun with WordPress, made a suggestion about spam plugins, which turned me onto this idea (thanks, Andrew!).

I want to extend a big thanks to the Bluehost support team, too, for putting up with all my calls about this crazy problem. They were all very friendly, polite and as helpful as they could be. I am still very, very pleased with Bluehost and I would recommend them if you’re looking for new hosting (really wish they had a hosting option other than shared, because I’m sure I’ll outgrow their service someday).

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