The Creative Process: Researching Alternatives

By LaurenMarie

Blog Redesign

If you’re new to Creative Curio, you’ve come to the most popular series of articles! But you’re in luck! Only two weeks have gone by since I started documenting my creative process as I redesign my blog. The first week, I wrote about steps one and two in the design process, research and thumbnails, in Ideas for My Blog Design, and last week, it was step three, wire frames, along with some experimenting.

Experimenting with Dots

The Blog Design, Week 3

This week was spent researching several alternatives mentioned in the comments from last week, particularly a more curio-esque design. There’s nothing that says you can’t go back and visit previous steps throughout the design process!

Things are going a bit slower than I would like, but work (where the money is!) has been extremely busy and draining. I wish I had more time to mull ideas over. But I know you all look forward to this weekly post—and I do too! I keep saying it, but I love talking with you guys in the comments. Your ideas have been awesome and your feedback valuable. Keep it comin’!

Blog Redesign: Antique

So, I’m presenting some of my ideas, research and a little bit of experimenting to you. I felt like the direction I started going was too dark and too romantic/girly. But what do you think?

I don’t want my blog to be dark; I want it to be open, friendly and inviting (though that doesn’t mean sickeningly chipper and burn-your-retinas bright). I think using the parchment—at least this particular image from Bittbox—as much as I love it, is making the design too dark. What do you think?

Victorian Type Posters

I enjoyed looking at old Victorian type posters, but I think it would be difficult to carry that look through a blog; the etched illustrations are a big part of what makes that style work. I really like the antique styles of Carnivale and Cirque du Soleil, too. Have you seen websites that incorporate these styles effectively?

Blog Redesign: Carnivale Style

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The Creative Curio Redesign Process

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