Full Steam Ahead

By LaurenMarie

Blurry Lights

Even though the holidays are over, it seems that life is still rushing ahead at full speed! There is so much going on right now. Here’s a peek of what I’ve been up to:

2008 Bloggy Awards

Bloggie Awards

Do you have a favorite blog? Perhaps Creative Curio! (hint, hint!) Nominate your favorite blogs to receive a bloggy award! You can nominate any blog for a number of different categories and while you have to be selective, they do let you put down your top three choices. In order to submit a nomination, you must recommend at least three different blogs total, in any of the categories (you don’t have to put a blog in each category). Need some ideas?

  • I Love Typography (Johno), for the categories of Best Asian blog (it didn’t say he had to be Asian!), Best Topical, Best New and why not Weblog of the Year award, too!
  • David Airey, for the categories of Best European, Best Art
  • InspirationBit (Vivien), for the categories of Best Canadian, Best-Kept Secret
  • Graphic Design Blog (Tara), for the categories of Best European, Best Art and Best New (I didn’t realize she only started this blog in March 2007!)
  • This and That (Kristarella), for the categories of Best Australian, Best-Kept Secret
  • Just Creative Design (Jacob Cass), for the categories of Best Australian, Best New, Best-Kept Secret, Best Art
  • Copyblogger (Brian Clark), for Best Written
  • Chris Garrett, for Best Written
  • Epic Edits (Brian Auer), for Best Photography
  • Successful Blog (Liz Strauss), for the Weblog of the Year

You only have until this Sunday, January 11, to submit your nominations so head over right now! And make sure to check back on that website on January 22 to vote for the final winners!

Creative Curio on Squidoo


Ever heard of Squidoo? Before last week I had heard the name, but not thought much of it. Then Mr. Typography sent me an invite to join and create my own lens. I was a little confused at what this site does, but here’s the gist:

You create a single web page with information you want to share. It can about anything. You can promote your website, blog or company, write a Top 10 list of your favorite local restaurants or a how-to guide about getting started in your favorite hobby. It’s a great outlet for sharing on the Web without the commitment to maintaining a whole site.

Take a look at my lenses on Squidoo for ideas: Curious About Graphic Design? (be sure to vote on my What is Your Job Title? poll!) and InDesign 101: A Beginner’s Guide. You can check out my lensmaster profile, too. Come on, you know you want to be able to call yourself a lensmaster!

Why not create your own lens? It’s easy and fun to share what you know with the world, no blog, doctorate or website required. You can do everything from just talk about what you know, to build a link list or create Amazon recommendations. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, you can even earn money from it for you and/or a charity! Awesome! Just be careful, it’s almost as addicting as blogging!

So why not start your own lens and become a lensmaster today? Use this link so that when you make your first $15, you and me both get $5, too, as Squidoo’s way of saying thanks for sharing. Want some help with that first lens? A comprehensive guide to your first lens. And come back here when you’re done to share a link to your lens!


Blog Redesign

Ok, so nothing is done yet, but I’m working hard on developing my redesign (see? Sketches! Proof!). I just wanted you all to know that. You’ve been asking and I heard you! Plus, this will keep me on track. I’ve already announced something, so now I have to do it!