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Great Techniques for Photoshop Beauty Retouching

Everyone wants to look good, but sometimes the camera doesn’t capture you the way you really are (right? *wink*).

Don’t you want your photos to look good, too? It doesn’t take very long!

Photoshop Retouching: Heal, Clone or Copy?

Before Photoshop CS, the only option for retouching a photograph was to use the Clone Stamp tool. This is a difficult tool to learn to use because it duplicates pixels exactly, which can create a nasty pattern look if you’re not careful.

Hurrah for the Healing Brush! This is a huge leap in retouching for Photoshop. It works by copying an area of the canvas and blending it with the surrounding pixels’ color and texture, which eliminates the pattern effect that the clone stamp can have.

Advanced But Simple Color Correction

Levels is the way to start out color correcting your photographs in Photoshop, but sometimes it isn’t enough.

What do you do if your darks aren’t rich enough but the overall color is a little too bleak? What if the white balance is off?

There are many, many more options beyond levels to color correct photos.

Color Correcting a Photo with Levels

You’ve take the perfect shot. You’re so excited to see what it looks like on a 21” monitor instead of your camera’s little 2” display.

You download the photo and pull it up. Ugh! It’s so dull! It’s nothing like the beautiful flower you took a picture of! What happened? How can you fix it?

Picking the Perfect Color Palette

Do you ever struggle to find those elusive perfect colors for a graphic design project? What do you do?

There are many color theming sites out there, like Adobe Kuler and Colour Lovers, but not all of the themes people put together actually work with a real project and there are a lot to dig through.

Are there any “old reliable” color themes you always go back to?

How in the World Do I Choose a Font Format?

When it comes to choosing a font for a project, it’s difficult to find the right style, not to mention worrying about whether or not it will print properly! You’ve probably heard terms like PostScript Type 1, TrueType and Open Type, but what do they all mean for you? If you don’t want to read […]

Graphic Design Glossary

In case you missed it up top (or you only read Creative Curio through your feed reader), a new graphic design glossary has been posted! A lot of effort and research has gone into this glossary; I have tried to define everything as accurately and extensively as possible. If you see something that could use […]

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