Graphic Styles to Try

By LaurenMarie

Have you ever seen a design and thought to yourself, “Oh, wow! I need to try that some day.”

I quite frequently do that and a while ago I decided to start a list of these graphic styles I’d like to try. This list, along with a Photoshop document I’ve started of examples, helps me go a direction I might not normally attempt.

The list and examples have been particularly useful when I am stumped on a project and just need a little extra inspiration to really get the ideas flowing.

Interesting Styles to Try…

Without further explanations, take a look at some styles that intrigue me:

  • Rubber Stamp StyleRubber stamps (and the mistakes-skips, extra rubber touching down-and uniqueness that goes with them). The example to the right is something I’m currently working on. It’s not quite finished yet.
  • Passport
  • Cargo/shipping crates
  • Tickets (movie and stage theater, concert, lottery, travel, traffic!)
  • Old World maps
  • Old/antiqued and yellowed documents, parchments and pictures
  • Illuminated manuscript, scrollsWatercolor Style
  • Victorian type posters
  • Thick and thin strokes (varying weights)
  • Watercolors. The example to the right is one of my favorite portfolio pieces!
  • Folksy country (think county fair)
  • Zen inspirational (Sumi-e calligraphy and watercolor paintings, rock gardens, Japanese gardens)
  • Comic Books
  • Scratch strokes with a real quill and India ink
  • Torn paper
  • Scrapbook (photo mats, stickers, handwritten material). Scrapbooking is my hobby, so I have plenty of examples! I’ve seen USPS (United States Postal Service) send out a few postcards using this technique for various ads
  • Back to hand created media!Type Illustration
  • Found art pieced together
  • Strokes not precisely around the outside of the image (offset, maybe on top of the image or at an angle)
  • When printing: emboss it, die-cut a unique and repeating shape on the cover
  • Use only one or two colors
  • Pure typography, even for images
  • Scratchboard and India ink

What do you think? Does this list inspire you to try something new? Are there any styles not mentioned that you have tried or want to try?